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You and Your Diet: Controlling Incontinence Symptoms Hand In Hand

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At this time there are no dietary remedies to cure or completely control incontinence. However, healthy lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on your incontinence symptoms.

By having healthy eating habits and picking neutral foods that are easy for your digestive and urinary tracts to process, you will likely find improvement in your symptoms. Adjusting your diet to avoid certain foods and drinks can be especially helpful with the management of urge incontinence. Keeping a record of what and how much you drink or eat can be beneficial in finding triggers that cause an overactive bladder.

A healthy diet balanced in vegetables, neutral fruits, grains and protein can help improve incontinence. Avoiding irritants such as spicy foods, caffeine, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, and other acidic foods may be the dietary change you need.

Foods That Make You Gotta To Go (click this link to see a video on commonly consumed irritants produced by WebMD)

Common Bladder Irritants:

  • alcoholic beverages (liquor, beer, wine)
  • coffee/tea (even decaffeinated)
  • milk/milk products
  • sugar & artificial sweeteners
  • honey
  • medicines with caffeine
  • tomatoes & tomato based products
  • citrus juice & fruits
  • corn syrup
  • highly spiced foods

A Healthy Incontinence Diet Includes:

  • non-citrus fruits
  • grains
  • legumes (soybeans, fava beans, peas, peanuts etc)
  • vegetables
  • plenty of water (please consult your physician as some diseases require fluid restrictions)

Eating a healthier diet and exercising regularly can make all the difference. People often find relief just by changing their diet.

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